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26 Factors a Florida Court Considers in Determining Child Timesharing

Often, I get asked how does a court conclude which parent should have majority time sharing and which parent should have visitation rights. The first thing that comes to mind is that in Florida, the term “Child Custody” is no longer used. Instead, child custody is referred to as parenting “time sharing.” This is a stressful circumstance for many parents as this means that they may be away from their children. Time sharing is important as well in order to make a determination of child support.

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How Alimony Is Determined In Florida

Celebrity comedian, Ron White, recently filed for a divorce in California from his wife, Margo Rey. The couple were married on October of 2013. Margo is now arguing that the couple had a common-law marriage in Texas since 2008. What is a common marriage and why is Margo claiming that they had a common-law marriage?

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Child Support- How is it Determined?

One of the first things a person considers before separating from their spouse is the amount of money they will have to pay in child support. The State of Florida has created guidelines that a Judge must use to determine child support. Based on these guidelines, child support is primarily determined by factors such as the parties’ income, the number of children between the parties and time sharing agreements.

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